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"I consider myself a phantom of the art and it feels great" - experimental hip hop artist A Sol Mechanic

How did you get your start in music? Who were the first artists you remember listening to? 

I started to realize my passion for music when I was around twelve years old, when my older brother and I decided to install a home studio in my bedroom. It consisted of a few guitars and a classic Pearl drum set. We jammed daily and recorded a few alternative pop tracks, using mainly live instruments infused with some electronic ambience. I wasn't really into producing pure electronica until I got into high school, even though I had been blasting Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, and MSTRKRFT as early as junior high. These artists definitely aided my understanding of soundscape production, but I think I really witnessed a drastic change in my musical identity when I purchased my first synthesizer, a Nord lead 2x. By that time I was around 14 and had learned Pro Tools, Ableton, and Reason very well. Everything kind of took off from there.

Who are you listening to today? Have they affected your current sound?

Definitely listening to a lot of Knxwledge, Shlohmo, Lone, and 6Bit Collective. But while I adore the work they create, I don't really think these musicians influence my sound. I get a lot of feedback that I sound like this or like that, but when I produce it's really personal. I go days without listening to anyone else's music in search of something personally spiritual. I guess in a way I try to absorb myself in a feeling rather than a sound.

So you’re in Santa Barbara now?

Yeah, I went to the University of Arizona for my first year, but I wasn't able to find it a comforting environment to expand my work. I am now going to Santa Barbara Community College to fulfill some credit and hopefully attend UCSB to earn a film degree. 

What's next for you? Are you planning to play at any shows soon or release any tracks?

Right now I'm working on a few projects. I am working on a collection with my good friend Jake Nadrich of Future Dollars. We go by the name Widest Turns and we’ll be coming out with something really hot and special this summer. I'm also working on my own EP B-Words, which I also plan on releasing this summer. I want to begin playing local shows once these two projects are finished. I'll be playing a party here and there, but I'm really focused on wowing people with these two releases. From there I'll see what opportunities are thrown my way. Until then I consider myself a phantom of the art and it feels great.

Love his music & want to download some of ASM's free tracks?

Go here or here!

// Special thanks to Justin Jay for the recommendation // ROOT ON //


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