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CollegeRoots is college music.

CollegeRoots is curated by a team of music lovers who aim to put college-affiliated artists in the national spotlight, giving listeners and fans the opportunity to discover and ROOT them to the top. We feature up-and-coming artists that are associated with any genre or SCENE, organizing the content so it’s easy to find.

What is the ROOT button?

The ROOT button lets you decide what’s hot. JOIN the CollegeRoots community and you can ROOT for your favorite artists, songs, scenes and stories. When you ROOT for something, that content goes straight to your MY SCENE page, allowing you to create playlists of your favorite new music to listen to later on. Help your favorite artists blow up by rooting their songs, and find the hottest new tracks by browsing the MOST ROOTED page.

What is a scene?

From general regions like Southern California all the way down to individual colleges, a scene represents all of the music coming out of that specific location. Additionally, each user gets their own MY SCENE page, which is where all of your favorite content goes when you ROOT for it.

Why should you as an artist care about CollegeRoots?

Some of the best musicians, singers and producers have come from college, and this site is about giving you the attention you deserve. CollegeRoots is a platform where you can connect with your community while expanding your audience beyond your local scene.

Can I contribute to CollegeRoots?

Of course! Go to our CONTRIBUTE page!


All content posted on this site is legal and free. If you believe that an audio or video file is posted here wrongfully, please email us. We believe in exposing the great college-affiliated talent in the world, and we also believe in supporting your favorite artists by purchasing their tracks and attending their live performances.